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Causes And Gum Recession Treatment

There are numerous people who are suffering from receding gum infection which is part of periodontal. In this article, we will cover the causes and treatments of gum recession.



What is gum recession?


Gum recession is a process where the edge of the gum tissue that fences the teeth decays, revealing the tooth surface or the tooth's root. You will witness symptoms like gaps and pockets between your teeth and gum lines. These gaps will build up bacteria and plague, if these will leave untreated the rest supporting tissue and bone can get damaged, which may result in tooth loss. You should not leave it untreated and get Gum Recession Treatment Houston by visiting a dentist whichever is available for you or you can also visit Gingivitis Treatment Dentist in an emergency situation for treating your gums. Many people don’t know when they start having gum recession because it develops gradually.


Here are symptoms of gum recession:

  1. Tooth sensitivity
  2. You may feel redness in your gums
  3. May feel notch near the gum line
  4. Witness bleeding gums


Gum recession is something you should never ignore and visit the dentist immediately. If you ignore this, it can become severe where the dentist will suggest you get Gum Recession Surgery.

What are the causes of gum recession:


There are numerous  factors that cause your gums to recede including these:

1.   Periodontal diseases-

It is majorly a gum disease that destroys supporting bones and gum tissue near your teeth. One of the major reasons for gum recession is periodontal disease.

2.   It can be genetic-

After many studies, we have found that people experience having gum disease even after taking care of their oral hygiene and health. Some experts say it is because it’s in their genes.

3.   Brushing Aggressively-


Many people don’t know they brush aggressively to remove the plague on their tooth which causes them the penalty of bleeding gums. If you brush hard the enamel on your teeth will tear away and it will cause your gum to recede.


4.   Lack of oral hygiene-


If you don’t brush twice a day and do not floss daily this will be the reason for your gum receding and any gum disease. You should always floss daily and brush twice and for cleaning the stuck food which causes bacteria.

5.   Hormonal changes-

This can be the major cause of gum recession in women, getting irregular periods and due to pregnancy and other hormonal changes can affect your oral hygiene which causes gum receding.



How can I cure Receding Gums?


If you are looking for home remedies, we will not suggest that, you need to understand that visiting a dentist is the best option for you if you want to get proper treatment. If you are suffering from receding gums for a long time you need need to understand that this trouble needs to be treated quickly when it is detected else it can become troublesome for your health. If your gum just started receding you may be able to be cured by your dentist by antibiotics and other cleaning gels. Your dentist will perform procedures like deep teeth cleaning which includes root planing and scaling for removing tartar from the gum line and removing all bacteria.

Your dentist will provide you with some antibiotics which may help remove bacteria. But if your gum recession is not minor and you have major big gaps between your teeth, your dentist will suggest you get Gum Recession Surgery for treating your gums.




We hope you like this article. You can visit your dentist and get a consultation for getting more information on gum diseases and their treatment, which will include Laser Gum Therapy, Laser Periodontal Surgery and Gingivitis Treatment Dentist, and many other treatments.



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