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All You Need To Know About Gum Recession

Many people are suffering from the problem of receding gums not being able to find the best treatment for it. And some people just avoid treating it. In this article we will focus on:

  • What are receding gums?
  • What Causes Gum Recession?
  • Symptoms of gum recession
  • Treatment of gum recession



1.   What are Receding Gums?

Receiving gums is a disorder in which your gums start to withdraw from the tooth surface area which leads to revealing the root surfaces of your teeth. Many people don’t know that it’s one of the Gum diseases. This disorder will take place when there will be a lack of oral hygiene which may cause you tooth loss also. If you are suffering from severe receding gums you can get Gingival Recession Surgery by visiting Houston Dental Office.


2.  What Causes Gum Recession?


From studies, we have found that 80-90% of people are suffering from periodontal disease. Which includes receding gums. Many of you must know that periodontal disease is an enlarged form of gingivitis that is formed by buildup bacteria and plaque on the gums and teeth of a person over some time. This plague damages whole gums and damages a person’s teeth. This disease severity starts when you can witness a pocket between your gums and teeth which creates a breeding ground for even more bacteria and plaque to form.

You can get Periodontal Laser Surgery for treating this disorder.


Here are some causes of receding gums:

  • If you are brushing aggressively
  • A long buildup plaque on your gums and teeth (tartar)
  • If you smoke
  • For women, it can be due to hormonal changes
  • It can be genetic
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have medication for any other disease, it can dry your mouth which leads to receding gums.



3.  Symptoms of receding gums

Here are some signs and symptoms of this disorder:

  • If you facing bleeding after brushing or flossing
  • If there is redness in your gums
  • If you are feeling swollen gums
  • bad breath
  • If there is a pain in your gum line
  • If you are losing teeth often


4.  Treatments of receding gums

There are 2 ways of treating these receding gums, First is a medication which will be the first step by your dentist and the other will be the surgery. Surgery will be after a course of medication.


1.   Medication:

This is the first and prior way to treat receding gums disorder you can visit Dental Clinic Houston Tx for getting a treatment done for gum tissues.

Your dentist will first prescribe you some antibiotics for curing infection of your gums and after that, he may prescribe you antibiotic gel, antiseptic chips, antimicrobial mouthwash for treatment.


2.   Surgery:

Surgery is the last and final option for receding gums, your dentist will make you understand the severity of your gum disease then he will suggest you take Gingival Recession Surgery.


There are generally two types of surgery options:

  1. Flap surgery: Flap surgery includes deep tissue cleaning, it takes place after all the treatment options are failed to cure your receding gums. This surgery removes tartar and bacteria from your gums and teeth
  2. Grafting surgery: the major objective of this surgery is to revive gum tissues or your bones. You can visit Houston Dental Office for getting this surgery, they will also provide your information regarding surgeries like LANAP Surgery Near Me and LANAP Laser Procedure.

We hope you like this article and know what to do if you have receding gum disease. If you are suffering from any dental issue make sure to visit the dentist without avoiding it for days.




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