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Gingivectomy Procedure For Gum Disease Treatment

There are only a few people who know what Laser Gingivectomy is. If you don’t know what it is we’ll solve that problem for you. Many of you suffer from gum disease, or even heard about it, if you do not treat your gum disease at a certain point in time and get severe where no antibiotics are working on it that’s where Dental Offices In Houston suggest getting Laser Gingivectomy for treating your gum disease.



What is a Gingivectomy Procedure?


A gingivectomy is for removing infected gum tissue to get rid of pouches between the teeth and gums. Many gum specialists (periodontists) or LANAP Periodontist Near Me will often do the procedure. If you are thinking about what will be the procedure, first your doctor will start by numbing your gums with a local anesthetic. He may use LANAP Surgery to remove loose gum tissue. Then after removing tissue from your gums, your dentist may place a temporary glue on your gums for protecting your gums from any other infection which leads them to heal fast. Memorial City Dentist

suggest eating soft foods and warm drinks while the glue is on your gums for healing.


What to do after getting surgery done?

When it comes to surgeries people get hyper and scared that they won’t be able to do anything for months, but you can pursue your daily activities after your post-surgery consultation is done with your dentist. Your dentist will only ask you to rest for 1-2 weeks maximum for healing your gums which will lead to shaping your gums. If you are feeling extreme pain and you are not able to sleep consult your dentist and ask if you can have a normal p painkiller for reducing your pain. In most cases, many dentists offer painkillers after your surgery for emergency cases.



Is it necessary to get Laser Gingivectomy?


Getting Laser Gingivectomy is mandatory when it comes to your severe gum disease which has no cure. Your dentist will not do this procedure if your gum disease is curable but if it is not he will perform a gingivectomy which is usually done before gum disease has already damaged your jaw bone supporting your teeth.


Things you should keep in mind
  1. This laser treatment will help you fight further gum diseases which are causing damage to your gum tissues and teeth, it will help you clean your teeth area.
  2. You need to make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss every day to avoid gum disease and you should make sure to do it after surgery.
  3. You should stop using tobacco and smoking if you want to heal your gums and make progress. Smoking and tobacco can increase the chances of infection in your gums.
  4. After surgery, you should see your doctor once every 3 months for a regular follow-up check-up to make sure nothing is harming your teeth and gums again.

We hope you liked this article and now you Gingivectomy Procedure For Gum Disease Treatment. Make sure to visit your dentist if you want to learn more.



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